Why is Boudoir important? 
Boudoir is not a trend or a fad, it’s a movement! A movement of empowerment and sexuality. Boudoir empowers women to take sexuality back and own it, without anyone else imposing their views on them. Done on their own terms, boudoir allows women to accept their sexuality, and express it. Through our work, they are allowed to say "Yes, I like sex, just as much or more than anyone else, I’m not ashamed about it, and I’m comfortable with my body."  Your sexuality is yours, no matter if you're tiny or tall, skinny or chubby,  straight, gay, bi or trans (or prefer no label at all). There are no biases with us. We just want to help you capture that sexuality, that power you have, in a safe environment, and LOOK AMAZING!
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Why do I shoot Boudoir?
I love seeing even the most shy women gain confidence through my lens. We truly want to show you the beauty you have inside and out, and how sexy you really are. My goal is to photograph you in such a way that you actually feel sexier and more beautiful than you have ever felt before. Capturing images of it is just the bonus... to help you remember the moments. You most likely have no idea just how sexy you can look- and that's where we come in! YOU'LL LOOK INCREDIBLE! (I promise) Sure, the results are an amazing gift for your partner! But first, I want it to be an amazing gift for yourself! (and it TRULY is!) When you feel sexy, and are having a great time during your session, it's reflected in your photographs!
Where is my session photographed?
I no longer shoot in a studio. It became way to monotonous and dull, and it said nothing about our clients other than pretty photos. My photos started to look the same. Only the face changed. All the sets and props were the same in every shoot. The photos were all good and the clients were happy. But, I feel the personal, individual touch was not there. My goal is to create every session from scratch. Using the client's outfits, and yes, even their homes or a location that is different from each of my previous sessions. This way YOUR images are unique!
What do I get? 
You'll have a blast!  We want this to be not only a wonderful experience for you, but also for you to get an amazing collection of photographs that you'll treasure forever. Photographs that remind you of your own personal 'true' beauty. 99% of our clients end up with a beautiful coffee table book of photographs personally designed by Michael, but it's up to you!  
Your session starts with professionally applied makeup which is provided at no additional fee. We don't charge extra for it- it's simply available if you want it, or even just for touchups while you're in front of the camera. Clients say this pampering makeup time is a wonderful way to relax before the session. Once your makeup is done, the fun begins! Sessions generally take about 3 hours from start to finish. That's an average, of course. Yours could take a little more, or a little less. It's never rushed!
How do I book a session?
Only a very limited number of sessions can be accepted due to Michael's schedule.
We can set this up all online, but I do recommend a planning appointment to answer all your questions, and completely ease your mind. It can be over the phone, over Skype, or in person. But first, I want to be sure, as do you, that I am the one for the job! Your comfort makes all the difference in the world in the outcome of your beautiful portraits. First- to get the ball rolling, simply contact me through the "Contact Page" on this site, or email me HERE
Is there a guarantee?
*Our Guarantee: Although every effort will be made to make you happy, we understand that art is subjective. One of the reasons we do not charge a session fee is that we want you to know that there is NEVER a risk. We'll make sure your thrilled or you won't want to own them. We know that if you love your photos, you'll purchase them. And when you do, if for any reason you are not completely thrilled with your finished photographs, your money will be returned with no questions asked. No kidding!
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"My entire life I was interested in trying a boudoir session, but I was afraid to end up with  unpleasant photographs, until I met Mike and his wife Jojo. They made me feel safe and free in an intimate and personal environment...I laughed, flirted and engaged with a side of myself that I thought was lost. They gave me confidence that came with a wonderful make up & I enjoyed every second of it and the pictures have the right amount of sensuality and mystery that I did not know existed in me. Thank you Mike and Jojo!"        
Carolina O. Viveros, Porter Ranch, CA
About the Artists
Michael Spatola has owned and operated Spatola Designer Images in Los Angeles for over 25 years, where he specialized in photography of women and children. He is a makeup artist and photographer for over 35 years. He is a multiple "Outstanding Individual Achievement in Makeup" EMMY and CABLE ACE Award nominations, and famous for his work on Terminator 2, Iron Man 3, Tales From The Crypt (just to name a few. He's authored 6 books on Makeup- The Monstrous Makeup Manual Series, and 3 Makeup Textbooks for Cinema Makeup School in Hollywood, where he serves as Chief Academic Officer and Lead Instructor. 
Michael's wife, Jojo is an award winning makeup artist from Guangzhou, China. There she studied makeup at Beauty Tech Makeup school and worked on several film (Let The Bullets Fly and Conspirators) and many TV productions. Later, she attended the SFX Makeup at Cinema Makeup School. Jojo will be there to make you look your best and get you ready for the camera! You can see a number of portraits Michael has taken of her on this site.
Your artists Michael Spatola and Jojo Zhu
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